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updated (Sat Nov 12 21:40:43 EST 2005)
Bible Study links page

If you're just like me, you'll probably find every place you want to go here. If you're not like me, you still may find these interesting.

Geek stuff

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My favorite tech site. Hardware and software reviews, hints and tips, how-to articles and other computer information (and other geekstuff). I read it almost every day.
Wonder Magnet
What geek doesn't like magnets?
Hosfelt Electronics
Buy electronics stuff here.
Widget Supply - hard to find tools
The LED museum
Mostly about LED based flashlights (reviews and modifications).
The Interface Hall of Shame
Information on the worst software user interfaces ever designed. Also has info on good UI design.

Linux Geek stuff

LugRadio is a fortnightly British radio show, which takes a relaxed and humorous look at Linux and open source. (Or at least that's what their web site says) Caution - This show may contain swearing.
The Linux Link Tech Show
Another internet radio show, mostly about Linux. This show is done by a bunch of typical American computer geeks in eastern Pennsylvania. Caution - This show may contain farting.
Fedora Linux
This is the Linux distribution I'm using now (mostly). It's pretty cutting edge and rapidly developed, but I've found it quite stable.
Another "unofficial" Fedora page with useful information. Currently,this page is more complete than the official one.
FreshRPMs article on creating RPMs
This was never written as a tutorial, but it's a good start. - home of the Bare-bones server HOWTO
If a Fedora minimal install isn't small enough for you, look here.
Cygwin - Unix on Windows (sort of)
Linux - the definitve reference
The Linux Game Tome
Who says Linux doesn't have games? Not me, apparently.

Internet Geek stuff

A good site on dealing with spam (unsolicited commercial E-mail)
Another (broader, more basic) anti-spam site
A good site on Netiquette
Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design. Information on desigining web sites for usability, rather than flashiness.

Security Geek stuff

Packet Storm - a security site
Security Focus - another computer security site
Gibson Research
This guy's writing style really annoys me, and he tends toward extreme oversimplification, but there is good information here. Mostly security from a Windows user's perspective.

Jesus stuff

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My church. You can watch our services over the internet if you have a fast connection.
Boca Raton Community Church
Church of our former Pastor, Jonathan Burnham.

Skate stuff

Bob's Trick Tips
Tons of information. Mostly old school.
Bob's Longboarding page
American Ramp Company
A Christian owned and run skate ramp company.
MOBBSkates - Christian skaters
San Jose Downhill Skateboarding Club
A longboard site (mostly).

Other stuff

Creative Commons
Per their site: "Creative Commons is a nonprofit that offers a flexible copyright for creative work". You'll find links here to creative works (audio, pictures, text, etc.) released under less restricive licenses.
How Stuff Works
Amaze your friends by always having a head full of useless information (Like me!).
Information on guitar repair
Miami Valley Orienteering club
Orienteering Cincinnati
Babel Fish
If you have words in a language you can't read, this site can probably translate it for you.
Homestar Runner
You mean you haven't seen Homestar Runner yet? An internet cartoon. Warning: requires Flash.
Why Microsoft Rules the Universe
In my opinion, this is pretty darn funny.